Beta Version from 11/07/22 to 02/10/2022
July 11, 2022

Hello guys!!

- The server is in its Beta version and soon we will be ready to offer fun to everyone. Although we are still in testing it is now possible to create an account and log in to the Lineage II Aster world, however restart's and database cleanups may happen during this release which will end day 02/10/2022.
- A special Npc Beta Manager, which is in Giran, was created just for this Beta moment and through it it is possible to obtain almost everything in the game quickly to test.
- Any suggestion or criticism can be sent to us through the forum in Report Bugs.


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Lineage II Aster custom npc's.
Within the world Lineage 2 Aster 12 Npc's were created to facilitate the gameplay and make the interactivity of our players more competitive. To learn more about the npc's...
11 July, 2022
Community Board (alt b)
To facilitate gameplay in the game, several access possibilities were developed on the Community Board page, such as: Services, Gm Shop Donation, information, Events, among others....
11 July, 2022

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