Lineage II Aster - Lineage 2 High Five.

Server Time, Site and Forum - GMT -3
Maximum Buffs Slots - 24
Maximum Dances and Songs Slots - 12
Anti-Bot System (S-guard)
Geodata - Yes
Off-line Shop mode - Yes
Event Heavy Medal - Yes
Main Event - Yes
Event Raid Boss - Yes
Vitality System - Yes
Champions System - Yes
Wedding System - Yes


Experience (EXP) - 100x
Skill Points (SP) - 100x
Adena - 300x
Drop Items - 1x
Quest Experience (EXP) - 1x
Quest Skill Points (SP) - 1x
Quest Adena - 1x
Quest Drop Items - 1x
Spoil - 1x
Weight Limit - 7x
Manor - 1x
Extract Fish - 1x


Safe Enchant - + 3
Max. Enchant - + 16
Normal Scroll chance - 40%
Blessed Scroll chance 55% and does not crystallize
Ancient Scroll chance 55% and is safe
Elemental Stone chance - 40%
Elemental Crystal chance - 30%
Life Stone N/M/H/T - 10/20/30/45% (Skill)


Game Npc´s: To facilitate some operations, the Lineage II Aster offers custom npc´s, among them we can quote: Main Event, Buffer e Wedding. You will find them in the square in Giran.

Special Events: Lineage II Aster has an automatic event system developed by L2JSunrise very efficient. Among the events we can mention: Main Event, Event RaidBoss, Heavy Medal.

PvP system: Every 200 PvP your name will change color and each pvp you receive 50.000 Adena. Note: There is anti-farm PvP protection.

All configurations and features that have not been reported here are Retail, that is, equal to the official Lineage II, or were considered irrelevant.