Boss Jewels Location

Below are displayed all players who have Boss Jewels.
This ranking was updated in 01/07/2022 at 07:33.

Item Name Player Name Clan
Ring of Baium (1) Domzim -
Ring of Queen Ant (1) Domzim -
Necklace of Valakas (1) Domzim -
Earring of Antharas (1) Domzim -
Earring of Zaken (1) Domzim -
Necklace of Valakas (1) JukaPikaTorta -
Earring of Zaken (1) JukaPikaTorta -
Earring of Antharas (1) JukaPikaTorta -
Necklace of Frintezza (1) JukaPikaTorta -
Ring of Queen Ant (1) JukaPikaTorta -
Earring of Antharas (1) sidius Rebelion
Necklace of Valakas (1) sidius Rebelion
Necklace of Freya (1) sidius Rebelion
Necklace of Frintezza (1) sidius Rebelion
Ring of Baium (1) sidius Rebelion
Ring of Queen Ant (1) sidius Rebelion
Earring of Zaken (1) sidius Rebelion
Ring of Queen Ant (1) Truco Ascention
Earring of Zaken (1) Truco Ascention
Earring of Antharas (1) Truco Ascention
Necklace of Valakas (1) Truco Ascention
Ring of Baium (1) Truco Ascention
Ring of Core (1) Verde Dominante
Ring of Beleth (1) Verde Dominante
Ring of Queen Ant (1) Verde Dominante
Earring of Zaken (1) Verde Dominante
Earring of Antharas (1) Verde Dominante
Necklace of Valakas (1) Verde Dominante
Ring of Baium (1) Verde Dominante
Earring of Orfen (1) Verde Dominante
Necklace of Freya (1) Verde Dominante
Necklace of Frintezza (1) Verde Dominante